Kline Angus Farm, excellent genetics refined!

How our herd began

Our angus herd began in 2004 with the implantation of embryos from Oneill Angus Farm. These first embryos resulted in calves that have, and still are leaving there mark in herds around the world. These calves included Oneills Adventure K325, Oneills Delia K719, Oneills Delia 720, and Oneills Royal Edge K337. All of the cow families at Kline Angus Farm are a result from our initial embryo work in cooperation with Oneill Angus Farm.

Influential cattle

  • Oneills Delia K719 - Used to improve growth, muscle, thickness, IMF, REA and increase bone. 

  • Oneills Lady Ann K31- Used to improve udders, top line and leg structure.

  • KC Power Force K088- Used to improve udders, leg structure, IMF and REA.

  • Kline Galaxy- Used to improve calf vigor, muscle, thickness, feet, IMF and decrease birth weight.

  • KC Awstruck K068- Used to improve growth, muscle, thickness, top line, leg structure, udder suspension, feet, IMF and reduce back fat.

  • Kline Eraline 030- Used to improve udders, growth, leg structure.

  • Kline Bannon 131- Used to improve feet, add excellent muscle pattern(especially through the rear quarter), excellent leg structure, adds fleshing ease without excessive fat, cleans up fronts, and adds docility. (our first heifers look like show heifers in quality and should make real world cows with Bannon of Wye in the pedigree). His first heifers are turning into nice cows with well balanced and suspended udders.

  • Kline Rough Country- Used as our primary heifer bull, calves come small and easy and have unreal vigor, he is also used to improve depth, add good feet and legs, add fleshing ease, and docility, and a unique, old breed type angus look. His first heifers are milking heavily, but are maintaining flesh well, and making some remarkable calves.

Selection Pressures

  • Udders that are held close to the body with small teats.

  • Good feet and leg structure (we don't trim hooves).

  • Heifers that can calve on there own despite calf size.

  • Cattle that move easily, have straight top lines, ample depth, and ample thickness. 

  • Cows that have medium milking ability. They must be able to wean a decent sized calf and breed back and hold condition running as fall calving cows on a corn stalk field, with only a protein lick tub and mineral.

  • Feed efficiency throughout all phases of production.

  • Cattle that can produce 1450 lb Yield Grade 1 Prime steers at under 15 months of age.

  • We select for growth by maintaining frame size; while selecting for muscle, depth,width, and fleshing ability.


  • 38 head of heifers and steers out of commercial cows and Kline Angus bulls averaged 1479 lbs. at slaughter and yielded 63.9% . They dressed 34% prime and 95% choice or better with 81% being yield grade 2 and 3, and no yield grade 5's.

  • 55 head of heifers and steers out of commercial cows and Kline Angus bulls averaged 1460 lbs. at slaughter and yielded 64.18%. They dressed 57.7% prime and 98% choice or better with 64% being yield grade 1,2, and 3, and only 34% yield grade 4, and 2% yield grade 5.

More coming!

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