Kline Angus Farm, your official site for Angus genetics.

Kline Angus Farm is a family owned and operated angus herd nestled in the Loess Hills of west central Iowa. The owners; Lynn and Denise Kline, and Nyle Kline have been in the cattle business for many years. Lynn grew up on a family farm that covered many aspects of the cattle industry this included; managing pasture, growing feed, raising a cow/calf herd, and fattening the resulting calves. Feeding cattle became a major part of the family operation having as many as 2000 head in feedlots at one time. Nyle grew up in this same cattle raising environment. The Kline family cattle business started switching over to angus based genetics in the 90's. This was done because of the performance of the angus cattle in the feed lot, coupling this with the docility and packer premium made switching to angus an easy choice. While building a bigger cow/calf herd Kline Angus Farm decided to help rebuild the neighboring, O'Neill Angus Farm's, herd. This started in 2004 with the implantation of a dozen embryos. Since then Kline Angus Farm's herd has grown to over 30 registered cows and continues to grow rapidly.

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